Saturday, May 2, 2009

sojourn to Bohol

I think I need to recapitulate the memories I have had during my short sojourn to Bohol Island before I will leave it into total oblivion. Reading them in my blog will surely help me recall the few good things I’ve got to experience this year.

We have to cross the water towards Cebu City on an overnight trip before taking another fast craft to Tagbilaran City the next afternoon. The trip to Cebu City was my first since the time I’d use to cruise or fly in between islands for the project development activities that we were tasked to monitor during my short stint with the Australian Aid for International Development (AusAID), and that was over 6 yrs ago!

Aside being with Kenneth’s company, Ate Warly, Biboy’s close family friend and neighbor, was also with us. (Ate Warly has become my
confidante as well since the time she was introduced to me by Biboy. She is also the mother of Biboy’s best friend, John). I think it was such timely that we were with her so I could have a better chance to ventilate more and get to the issue deeper about our break-up since Ate Warly seemed to know more about it and Biboy’s recent undertakings. We talked so much about it almost all our waking time during the trip. It helped ease me up a bit, but it did not relieve me from all the pain. I kept on thinking anyhow that I was there on the trip to escape from that miserable fate.

Ken has a way of annoying his companion while not knowing it, it’s the way he offer advises and comments on things as if it is really needed by someone who is listening to him. Well, that was not actually my concern during the trip, although I would somehow suffer his rantings during the entire period we were attending the Chem Congress (LOL!). But I would somehow enjoy his company, it’s amusing when he leer to alluring male species as if he can catch them with the timid expressions of his eyes, hehehe… He was also busy during our boat ride to Cebu, lurking on some college boys who were returning to that city for the Summer Classes. I wasn’t just so sure he was able to get one on a quickie because he was always out of my sight most of the time until I woke up early the next morning. He invited me outside the boat so we could view the city, while taking pictures at the edge of the railings as the boat was just about to dock yet.

Figure 1 - Obviously just woke up...

When we arrived at Cebu we asked Ate Warly to allow us to leave our things in her hotel room so we could still go gallivanting at the SM Mall. So Ken and I had decided to see a movie (entitled T2) before going back to the pier for our next ride (on a fast craft) that would take us to Tagbilaran City. We got to the Travelers Lounge before getting into the movie-house so that we can schedule our return-trip ahead, for sure there would be a lot of passengers who would be coming back to Cebu when the Chem Congress will be over. SM Mall has definitely improved since the last time I was there. It took us longer to locate the Lounge, and the aides and guards who provided us direction were only good on giving us more re-directions. Fortunately our trip back was on promo, which means that we would not be charged with fare, we just had to take our free ticket at the port before checking in for the trip. At least that had made the morning less a disaster.

T2 is a movie about the Filipino notion of bad spirits, it was suppose to scare the audience but I wasn’t really scared. I was more scared about running out of money when I get to Bohol. Actually it wasn’t so much of a suspense, but I was alarmed though when we entered the theater, it doesn’t had any audience yet, I guess Ken and I were the only audience who occupied the upper deck. Well that was a bit more frightening, if someone would play some mischievous game to us, nobody could have helped us or witnessed.

So we boarded the Ocean Jet, and indeed it was full of passengers, every sit were actually occupied. There were some young foreigners, 5 of them in a group just adjacent our sit. This time I was the one making chancing glance at one of them. He was the only boy there in their group of white twenty-somethings. I must have scared him he transferred to other sit, LOL! Ken tried to steal a shot but failed. He was always concealed, Ken also was only good at making shots of himself, LOL!, Whenever I turn to Ken he’d pose for himself, he won’t even manage to ask me take his picture for him… hehehe… He use to do that on his own during our time together in Bohol, I wonder why he is becoming so narcissistic, hahaha!

Figure 2 - or perhaps Ken should have moved to his right a little bit...

Well, this is the picture I would have wished Ken was not on it so the boy at the back shall be revealed. This was taken just right after docking at the port of Tagbilaran City.

(to be continued)…

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